Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC - Ukraine)

Activities of ADIC-Ukraine in tobacco control

In 1996 ADIC actively participated in campaign to ban tobacco advertising in Ukraine. It prepared several materials for members of parliament and issued special booklet. When the law on advertising was finally discussed in the parliament in March 1996 the health lobby, where ADIC was one of leading forces, was stronger and the parliament voted for banning. But the tobacco lobby spent immense money for anti-law campaign and managed to persuade the President of Ukraine to issue a veto. The final decision adopted in July 1996 was compromise: tobacco advertising is banned on radio and TV but allowed in printed media and billboards.  

In 1997 ADIC-Ukraine prepared several propositions: about health warnings on tobacco advertisements and tobacco packs, about increasing tobacco taxes and allocating part of the additional revenue for the health purposes, about smoking restrictions. ADIC-Ukraine took part in preparation of the project of National Program of counteraction to tobacco use. Several articles were published in newspapers about invasion of transnational tobacco companies into Ukraine. ADIC-Ukraine was co-organizer of the WHO training seminar for Central and Eastern Europe “A Global Approach to strengthening tobacco control” and National Conference on Tobacco Control Policy, which were held in Kiev in October, 1997. As recognition of the ADIC-Ukraine efforts its director Dr. Konstantin Krasovsky was appointed a member of the governmental Coordinating Board on Tobacco Control.

In 1998 ADIC-Ukraine has published booklet "Main Facts on Tobacco" in English, Russian and Ukrainian. The booklet was prepared in co-operation with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Three youth actions were conducted: 7 March – picket against "Philip Morris" sponsorship at the National Action "The Man of the Year"; 31 May – World No Tobacco Day - young people presented flowers to smokers and asked them to quit at least for one day; 1 September - action with our own press-release at the Philip Morris press-conference on their "youth smoking prevention program".

In 1999 several publications were issued. Handbook for primary health care workers on substance abuse includes a lot of materials on tobacco. Special booklets were issued for smoke quitters and for their relatives and friends. In the booklet for parents on substance abuse prevention tobacco is considered at the same rate as alcohol and illegal drugs. Web site ( was established. It is hosted by GLOBALink and has substantial tobacco control part. Two youth actions were conducted: Kick Butts Day on April 14 and Exhibition of Anti-Tobacco posters on May 29.

In 2000 booklet for teaches on efficiency of school smoking prevention programs was issued. Counter-tobacco industry site includes WNTD2000 materials in Russian, posters and other useful information in Russian. Youth-oriented site included pictures, stories, anti-brand exhibition, etc. It is direct anti-tobacco site, but it is based on youth values and interests to be attractive. Since February we issue monthly electronic newsletter for media NOSMOKING in Russian. The last activities are part of the WHO "Tobacco kills - Don't be Duped" project. 

Another project called Development of tobacco prevention educational materials for teachers and peer leaders oriented on youth problems and values is developed in cooperation with UNICEF. The project goal is to create instruments, which will let teachers and peer leaders to address tobacco-related problems in young people’s lives and to deal with the situation where tobacco is seen as a means to solve psychological problems and to meet natural needs of teenagers. These training materials can be used in work with teenagers to show them other ways to satisfy their needs and to solve their problems in tobacco-free way.

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Сайт противостояния табачной индустрии
Журнал тех, кто не боится быть трезвым
Coalition for tobacco free Ukraine
Центр помощи бросающим курить КВИТ
Международная Независимая Ассоциации Трезвости (МНАТ)
Alcohol and Drug Information Centre - ADIC-Ukraine


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