Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC - Ukraine)


The idea of ADIC-Ukraine appeared in 1993 as result of the international conference “Alcohol and other drugs problems in rapidly changing socio-economic environments”, which was held in Kiev. Such centers successfully operate in Sri Lanka, Poland and other countries. The idea became real after Konstantin Krasovsky work in the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1994. ADIC-Ukraine was founded in 1995 (re-registered by the Ministry of Justice in 1999 as All-Ukrainian charitable foundation).

Alcohol and Drug Information Center (ADIC - Ukraine) is established for the prevention of alcohol and drug related problems by means of:

bulletdocumentation of the nature and extent of these problems
bulletdocumentation of the possible responses to the problems
bulletadvocacy for the adequate response
bulletawareness programs geared towards other organizations, opinion leaders and the public
bullettraining of voluntary and professional operators in prevention and intervention work
bulletissuing of information and training materials.

ADIC-Ukraine is a non-governmental, non-profit, professional organization. It has an independent status in relation to other organizations in Ukraine. ADIC-Ukraine is governed by the Board and executive director. At present it has 6 staff workers and about 20 young volunteers which mainly participate in youth programs.

ADIC-Ukraine cooperates with the World Health Organization and other international organizations, various public, private and voluntary organizations in Ukraine and other countries.

ADIC-Ukraine issues various informational materials such as booklet “Alcohol and drugs in Ukraine” which includes statistics on these problems, governmental programs and lexicon of terms.

ADIC-Ukraine is supported by Kiev City Narcological Hospital, which provided rooms, some equipment, telephone and fax service.

Main source of income is training courses for narcologists from regions of Ukraine and for transport enterprises in Kiev.

For further history of ADIC see Projects

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Alcohol and Drug Information Centre - ADIC-Ukraine


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