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In 1997 ADIC had project with World Health Organization to organize training seminar for Central and Eastern Europe "A global approach to strengthening tobacco control".

In 1997-1999 ADIC received grants from Swedish governmental agency SIDA.

The project of 1998 was: Involvement of Ukrainian NGOs into alcohol and drug prevention and testing the cost-effective youth prevention model. Five seminars mainly with representatives of youth NGOs were held in different parts of Ukraine. Participants of the seminars received materials in Russian which became popular among students and social workers and were later copied by those who could not attend the seminars.

The projects conducted in 1999 are:

bulletEstablishment of information system in Russian on alcohol, drugs and tobacco prevention for organizations in East European countries. The results of this project can be seen at web site: 
bulletClub for clubs (Establishment of system that unites clubs of social active and positive youth in Kiev).

In 1998 ADIC received grant from the Dutch embassy in Kiev for the project "Materials for Health Care Professionals on Work with Substance Abuse Problems". The project was implemented in September, 1998 - September, 1999 and 199 pages book titled "What do your patients use besides air, water and food? Physician's manual" was printed.

In 2000 ADIC-Ukraine worked on the following projects:
bulletPsychological and subcultural instruments for drug prevention work with teenagers 
bulletAlcohol and drug prevention among Russian-speaking adolescents via internet web site.
bulletDevelopment of tobacco prevention educational materials for teachers and peer leaders oriented on youth problems and values. A life-situations approach to tobacco prevention was developed, a set of three books was published in Russian on this approach. A short overview of this approach in English can be seen in a PowerPoint presentation (123 kb)  or zip-archive (36 kb)

In 2001 ADIC-Ukraine worked on creation of a Coalition for Tobacco Free Ukraine. This work was supported  by the American Cancer Society. Coalition unites more than 40 Ukrainian NGO's. Work of the coalition is represented at a Ukrainian language web site  

A World Bank supported research "The economics of tobacco in Ukraine from the public health perspective" was started in 2001 and completed in 2002. The report  report was published in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

In 2002 a project of SmokeOut in Ukraine was supported by the Open Society Institute. In this project a Russian language manual on smoking cessation was developed and published which became popular for many smoking cessation workers. A quitline campaign was started comprising not only telephone but also mail counseling. Leaflets and other texts to help smokers to quit are presented at in Russian. Seminars for medical doctors and psychologists were held. A list of tobacco free restaurants in Kiev was developed. 

A 2002 project on media work was supported by SIDA. It's name is Building skills of work with media for NGO's dealing with substance abuse prevention in Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries. During this project a seminar for NGO's on media work and a seminar for journalists on substance abuse media coverage was held. A book "Why the media tell about alcohol, tobacco and drugs" was published.

In late 2002 work of Tobacco Control Resource Center for former Soviet Union countries was started. It is represented at
This work supported by the Open Society Institute lasted from late 2002 till 2006.
See 2006 report of the project activities.

In spring 2003 a UNICEF supported project was aimed at creation of tobacco prevention instruments for schools. A set of eight books for teachers, psychologists, medical doctors, teenagers and parents was published in Russian and Ukrainian languages. Besides a book on SIDS was published in Russian and The policy analysis of tobacco advertising in Ukraine

In 2003 ADIC-Ukraine carried out a research project on reproductive health and substance influence upon it. The project was supported by the World Bank and co-sponsored by UNICEF.
The tobacco related results of the study are reflected in the World Bank discussion paper:
Andreeva TI, E Gilpin, TO Salyuk, KS Krasovsky and AV Dovbakh
August 2005
Smoking and Its Consequences in pregnant Women in Ukraine.
HNP DISCUSSION PAPER/ Economics of Tobacco Control Paper No. 30 (PDF 2.71MB)

In 2004 ADIC-Ukraine coordinated National Tobacco Control Conference 'Tobacco is a threat to health and economic well-being'.

Within the project of Tobacco Control Resource Center seminars for tobacco control activists were conducted in Armenia and Kazakhstan.

In 2005 ADIC-Ukraine participated in the preparation of the national survey on tobacco commissioned by the International Center for Policy Studies. See survey report 'Tobacco in Ukraine: national survey of knowledge, attitudes and behavior (pdf, 741 kb)'

In 2005-2006 ADIC-Ukraine conducted project Research to assist in drafting, implementing and enforcing tobacco control legislation in Ukraine and other former USSR countries, funded by Research for International Tobacco Control (RITC), the Canadian Tobacco Control Research Initiative (CTCRI), the American Cancer Society, and Cancer Research UK. The project’s overall purpose was to determine what legislative provisions can actually implement the FCTC in the Ukrainian legislation in most efficient way. The main research conclusions are the following:
bulletTobacco industry changed the way to protect its vested interests, concerning tobacco control legislation. While earlier they fought any tobacco control initiatives, at present they use “health protection” rhetoric to mislead the public and decision makers. Tobacco industry even uses the FCTC wordings as instrument against the tobacco control.
bulletThe FCTC implementation and national tobacco control law enforcement needs national capacities. So in the near future main efforts should be conducted not on pushing new amendments to the national tobacco control legislation, but on awareness campaigns, capacity building and enforcement issues.
bulletLocal tobacco control regulations are potential strong instrument for the implementation and enforcement of the FCTC provisions, however local capacity building is also needed for sustained efforts.
bulletModel tobacco control legislative acts, relevant to current legal national or local tradition, are valuable tool to push effective tobacco control regulations.
See final progress report

In 2007-2009 the activities of the Tobacco Control Resource Center were continued.

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