Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC - Ukraine)


Hans Olav Fekjaer. Alcohol and illicit drugs: magical or chemical substances? - Kiev, 1994, 88 pages.  Russian Ukrainian
Alcohol and Drugs in Ukraine. - Kiev, 1995, 96 pages  Russian and English
Tatiana Andreeva, Konstantin Krasovsky. What do your patients use besides air, water and food?- Kiev, 1999. -199 pages.  Russian
What can I do to help my children live drug-free (parents manual)- Kiev, 1999. 48 pages.  Russian Ukrainian
Tatiana Andreeva. Internet and drug prevention. - 1999, 36 pages.  Russian
Main Facts on tobacco. - 1999. 36 pages.  Russian Ukrainian English
Ovechkina Alexandra, Tatiana Andreeva. Drug Problems? Do you need leaders? - 1999. 40 pages.  Russian
Konstantin Krasovsky. How I can help to quit smoking to friend or relative - 1999. 40 pages.  Russian
Training of personal development as element of leisure meeting for youth. - 1999. 36 pages.  Russian
Myths and illusions of drugs. Drawings from the competition. 40 pages.  Russian
Akberova Svetlana. NLP and Ericsonian hypnosis use in drug treatment. - Kiev, 2000, 48 pages.  Russian
Tatiana Andreeva. What is the price of ecstasy? - Kiev, 2000, 52 pages.  Russian
Life situation approach in tobacco prevention//Editors Tatiana Andreeva, Konstantin Krasovsky. Part 1-3. - Kiev. - 2000. Part 1. 140 p., Part 2. 104 p. Part 3. 20 p.  Russian
How I have quitted smoking... Life stories. Kiev, 2000,78 pages.  Russian
Tatiana Andreeva, Konstantin Krasovsky. Survival Kit for non-smokers. - Kiev, 2000, 48 p  Russian
SOBER-COOL. Magazine of those who are not afraid to be sober.2000, issues 1-12, 2001 issues 1-12  Russian
Tatiana Andreeva, Konstantin Krasovsky. Everything you should NOT know about beer if you are going to drink it. - Kazan, 2001, 40 pages.  Russian
Konstantin Krasovsky. Problems of anti-tobacco legislation. - Kiev, 2001. 87 pages.  Russian
Konstantin Krasovsky. How to become a non-smoker. - Kiev, 2001. 40 pages. Russian
Konstantin Krasovsky. Light lie. How tobacco industry deceives smokers of light cigarettes. 2001, 24 pages Russian
The Economics of tobacco control in Ukraine from the public health perspective 2002, 128-146 p. English Ukrainian Russian

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Сайт противостояния табачной индустрии
Журнал тех, кто не боится быть трезвым
Coalition for tobacco free Ukraine
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Международная Независимая Ассоциации Трезвости (МНАТ)
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