Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC - Ukraine)


bulletReports on the activities of the Tobacco Control Resource Center
bulletActivities of ADIC-Ukraine in alcohol and drug prevention
bulletTobacco or Health in Ukraine. Economic issues, 2006 update
bulletTobacco in Ukraine: national survey of knowledge, attitudes and behavior (pdf, 741 kb)
A survey of Ukrainian population by Kiev International Institute of Sociology commissioned by the International Centre for Policy Studies
bulletThe policy analysis of tobacco advertising in Ukraine (2003)
bulletGlobal Youth Tobacco Survey in Ukraine  Report (1999)
bulletThe Economics of tobacco control in Ukraine from the public health perspective
The research was supported by the World Bank and United Nations Foundation through the World Health Organization
bulletAmphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) in Ukraine. Country report for the WHO meeting on ATS in Bangkok, 22-26 November, 1999
bulletTobacco or Health in Ukraine, 2001 update
bulletActivities of ADIC-Ukraine in tobacco control in 1996-2000
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Сайт противостояния табачной индустрии
Журнал тех, кто не боится быть трезвым
Coalition for tobacco free Ukraine
Центр помощи бросающим курить КВИТ
Международная Независимая Ассоциации Трезвости (МНАТ)
Alcohol and Drug Information Centre - ADIC-Ukraine


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